PRESS RELEASE – UPDATED BAREBOAT WEBSITE: Check out our AWESOME new bareboating website with 2 bareboat search engines to find your perfect sailing or power boat, either from the Moorings or from the 6 other independent Cartibbean bareboat operators and another 20 operators all over the world. Book a bareboat anywhere on the planet…!!

PRESS RELEASE – NEW CHARTERING ON-LINE RESOURCE: with great pride we would like to announce our new on-line chartering and cruising resource with hundreds of chartering, cruising, bare-boating and yachting articles from all over the world. The little search button works wonders: just log into and use the little search box. If you are looking for BVI information, for example,just type BVI into the search box and you’ll get every article and tip you ever needed to enhance your BVI crewed or bareboat charter experience. Have a nice browse…!!

PRESS RELEASE – NEW BAREBOAT WEBSITE – Check out our specialty bareboat charter website with it’s unique and industry specific SEARCH ENGINE to locate bareboats anywhere in the world. This is the best time to be booking your Summer, Holiday Season and Spring Break 2011 sailing vacation. Please remember that the most popular bareboat monohulls and catamarans book first and the early bird ALWAYS catches the worm. OK, so it’s high season but surely it’s worth while spending a little more loot to escape the snowy wastes of the hinterland and break up jack frost’s icy grip even for a week or two. This is where we can help: our new bareboat website been especially designed as a one-stop-shop for you to review all the options in one place. To those of you who have been “volunteered” as the organizers of the summer, winter and spring-break bareboat getaway, we can now make it a lot easier for you to do your homework. Everything’s in one place, and you can email our quotes directly to your fellow crew-members

BOATBVI’S NEW BAREBOAT WEBSITE: when you land on our new bareboat site we show you charter options from over 20 specially selected bareboat companies in the BVI, the Eastern Caribbean and Belize and worldwide. These companies have been especially selected by BoatBVI for their good service, safety and professionalism. There is a wide selection of manufacturers, sizes, cabins, heads, and, most importantly, rates. We offer boats from companies that operate brand new boats as well as those that operate the venerable oldies. These companies have all been established in business for a long time and operate the best and widest selection of bareboats available for your stress-free vacation. We probably have about1800 bareboats available from this web-site. Our rates are exactly the same as the bareboat company’s rates – no premium to pay..!!

SOME INTERESTING BOATS TO LOOK AT: In the power yacht department,the new NauticBlue 474 is a great experience. These new designs offer the best in space and comfort. Book early to actually get one…!! Horizon has bunch of new Bavarias in from Germany. The Bavaria is very popular in the Mediterranean; sails fast and looks smart.

SOME INTERESTING DESTINATIONS TO CONSIDER: While we all know that the BVI represent the best in Caribbean sailing vacations, there are actually other places to consider..!! The caveat is that many of them are more exposed and require a little more experience in the Blue Water Sailing department. The Grenadines for example, while absolutely gorgeous and uniquely Franco-Caribbean, can get the Atlantic swells coming in from the East and inexperienced sailors and especially their guest can get rock-and-rolled about. The French Islands of Martinique, Guadeloupe, Marie Galante and well worth exploring as a stand-alone charter but again, traveling between the islands can be pretty hairy with any degree of weather. If you’ve done the BVI a few times, probably the best place to graduate to will be the St. Maarten, St. Barts, Anguilla triangle. Try chartering a bareboat out of St. Maarten, we can make all the arrangements. Last but not least, the Central American country of Belize has become very popular with bareboaters recently – it’s not as crowded and the waters are crystal clear. Give us a call at (305) 758-2500 or send us an email and we’ll make the arrangements.

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