BVI Bareboat Charter Guide Live From the Islands


We always try to coordinate a one-week bareboat sailing vacation around the time of the annual crewed yacht charter show that is scheduled in the US and British Virgin Islands every November. This year was especially interesting for us since it was the one-year anniversary of the devastating 2017 hurricanes that destroyed homes, businesses, boats […]

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BVI Update to the Update

Many feared that after hurricane Irma, our beloved British Virgin Islands have lost its touch as the magnificent vacation spot it once was, or at least while the restoration is still in process. But the question at hand remains, is it ready for your upcoming family vacation?
While it is true, even after more than a […]

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Island Delights: The Magic of Cane Garden Bay

Now, Cane Garden Bay has to be one of the really, really great places on Tortola, BVI. Overall it’s my favorite stop-over to simply chill and hang out PROVIDED the wind and waves are NOT coming from the North West or West. However, since the prevailing winds are usually from the East, Cane Garden Bay […]

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Why You Should Honeymoon on a Yacht in the British Virgin Islands

If you’re searching for an amazing place to spend your honeymoon, look no further than the British Virgin Islands (BVI). You might not ever find a better place for your romantic holiday than this cluster of islands in the Caribbean. Certainlyinnumerable visitors have been impressed and delighted with a yacht vacation in the BVI – […]

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Ground Level Update on the BVI Post Hurricane Restoration and Rebuilding

The latest insider’s view of the BVI reconstruction efforts

The famous BVI bars and assorted watering holes are in the process of reconstruction already. We are seeing a lot of activity on Jost van Dyke’s famous White Bay. Foxy’s is already serving meals with a limited menu, The Soggy Dollar Bar is being reconstructed and […]

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Secrets to Planning the Best BVI Itinerary

Customers often ask us for guidance in designing the best itineraries for their crewed or bareboat charters in the BVI. This is no big deal because we know the islands well and it’s easy to slap together an itinerary from our archives and forward it on.

We always add caveats about the weather, the wind direction, […]

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Miss While Sailing in the BVI

There are so many different locations to explore in the beautiful British Virgin Islands that it’s pretty hard to narrow down what to see and do during a week-long BVI sail. Although we’ve been lucky enough to explore many locations during several sails in the area, we certainly have not completed our entire […]

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An Insiders Guide for Your Post-Hurricane Caribbean Vacation Charter

Catastrophic event, disaster, Armageddon, the End of Times, destruction; all these superlatives have been used to describe the effects of hurricanes IRMA and MARIA in this nastiest of nasty weather years.

Truly a terrible blow to tourism, cruise ships, and yacht charters – the lifeblood of the islands – and most importantly, for this nice friendly […]

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