Boatbvi is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. We have posted this privacy policy to help you understand what information we are gathering and how we will use it. We believe your personal privacy on the Internet is a fundamental right and we are committed to clear, open and accessible privacy policies.

We hope that you feel our privacy policy explains clearly how we gather and use any data we may collect from you. We have used our best efforts to compose a policy that is fair, respectful and protects your privacy online. Your feedback is important to us. Please email any questions, comments or suggestions to

  • BoatBVI will not willfully disclose individually identifiable information about its users to any third party.
  • If at any stage in the future we feel disclosing such information may be of benefit to our users, we will not disclose such information without first receiving each individual user’s permission.
  • We do not use cookies.
  • BoatBVI may also track your domain name or IP address to assist our efforts to gather and track the information described above. For some computers, the IP address is a globally unique identifier of your computer. Multiple users of the same computer will share the same IP address. However, in most cases your ISP (or network server, if a business user) will allocate you an IP address only for the duration of your online session (about 80% of all surfers are using “temporary” IP addresses). This means that, even when your IP address is noted, it is unlikely you will have the same IP address next time you use the internet. IP addresses are never shared with third parties.


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