Technically, the Bahamas is not actually the Caribbean. First of all, it is “sub-tropical” since most of the islands lie above the tropic of Cancer and, second the islands are not volcanic in origin but are coral atolls that are largely flat. Nevertheless, most people speak of these beautiful islands in the same breath as the Caribbean.

They are home to a sizeable fleet of charter yachts ranging from “down and dirty” sport fishing motor yachts, cruising motor yachts, and sailing catamarans. Deep hull vessels are not popular due to the shallow waters.

Most importantly however, the best time of year to visit is in the summer, between May and September. In winter, the islands are subject to the same weather patterns as Florida with cold fronts moving through from time to time. So, in spite of the occasional hurricane, the Bahamas is basically a summer destination.

Consisting of 700 islands, the Bahamas Islands are without a doubt one of the most remarkable destinations to visit. With crystal blue waters and pearly white sand beaches, it holds true as one of the most beautiful yacht charter destinations, located just 50 miles from Florida.

Once arriving at your destination, find yourself being greeted by friendly and warm Bahamians who can help you venture your way around 5,000 square miles of possible land endeavors.

With adventures such as wreck sites off the coast of San Salvador or duty free shopping in Nassau your Bahamas yacht charter sailing vacation will be nothing short of amazing.

The Bahamas is a perfect destination whether you are interested in chartering a crewed yacht. A bareboat will allow you privacy and ultimate control of everything on board, including the wheel and food. Bareboat charters are mostly limited to the Sea of Abaco. When selecting a crewed yacht charter you allow yourself ultimate luxury while sitting back and allowing the 5 star service to take care of all your needs, being provided a chef and captain.

The Bahamas is a wonderful place to get away to when needing that breath of fresh air. It remains a great family hot spot, offering many activities and adventures to be shared.

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