Popular Sailing Destination

The British Virgin Islands has always been and continues to be recognized world leader of GREAT PLACES TO GO SAILING. Since it became a major charter sailing destination in the early 70’s, you’d think that other cool new locations would have taken its place by now. Not so.

Subtropical Beauty

Most people speak of these beautiful islands in the same breath as the Caribbean. They are home to a sizeable fleet of charter yachts ranging from “down and dirty” sport fishing motor yachts, cruising motor yachts, and sailing catamarans. The best time of year to visit is in the summer, between May and September.

Easy-to-Get-to Alternative

If you’ve cruised the Virgin Islands several times and you feel it’s time to move on, the Leeward group of islands are a great option.

French Flair

The heady aromas of sugar, spice and everything nice are beautifully melded in a profusion of French flavor and local rhythms. The vibrant street cafes and effortless European glamour are the hallmarks of this glorious little island – still one of the most unique jewels of the Caribbean.

Leisurely Charters Start Here

Whether it’s pristine waters, inviting tropical bays, great marinas, zip-lining around the famous Pitons, a volcano, mineral baths, and sublime white sandy beaches, you can really say that St. Lucia in the Windward Islands really does have it all. Many of our clients like to use St. Lucia as a “jumping off” point.

Stress-Free Archipelago Sailing

This uniquely beautiful archipelago of islands in the Caribbean is the place to be to enjoy stress-free sailing for short distances in gentle trade winds. It’s equally nice to capture a spot on one of our tiny pieces of paradise and sit back and just watch the yachts as they meander from island-to-island.

World's 2nd Longest Barrier Reef

The reef shelters more than 400 islands and cays. Most are fringed with additional reefs comprised of at least 50 species of hard and soft coral. Manatees, whale sharks, and roughly 500 species of tropical fish thrive in these waters, and all manner of seabirds are plentiful.

The Next Great Destination

Since we are well on the way to becoming “best-buddies” all over again with this beautiful island nation, and after 50 years of government imposed isolation, it may be worth taking a long look at the pros and cons of a yachting vacation to and around this relatively unspoiled vacation island.

Dreamy Florida Vacation

Great fishing, snorkeling, and diving area. Visit the American Crocodile reserve area to see the rare brackish water alligators. Hang out at the older bars and watering holes that have become Florida Keys institutions – like Lorelei’s and Hog Heaven, Snappers and many, many others.

A Different and Exotic Experience

Long known as an exotic and different destination for land-based holidays and vacations, Latin America has some very interesting and different locations for the yachtsman.

Still don't know where to go?

Every magical tropical vacation starts with the right people, the right destination and the right yacht. With over 30 years experience matching our clients with these three things, we have had success in creating the perfect dream trip.

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