The boats and Yachts displayed on this website are owned by private individuals or charter companies and not by The vessels and their images and specifications are displayed with the owners’ permission.

All charter contracts or agreements are prepared in accordance with the formats provided by the individual owners of the vessels or their legal representatives. Each charter contract or agreement will be between the vessel owner or his representative and the client or the client’s authorized representative. is not an agent for the owner but acts as an authorized brokerage company that brings yacht owners and clients together. is owned by American Yacht, LLC. And inasmuch as American Yacht, LLC is a stakeholder in the booking process, the company receives all client payments and funds and holds them pending remittance to the boat-owners on the dates that they are due.

Each vessel’s specification, water toy inventory, pricing, food menus and crew information, where applicable, that are displayed on this website are provided by the owners of the vessels.

Although does the utmost to stay current and display the latest available information, the company cannot be held responsible for failure on the part of the owners or their representatives to update us with changes and therefore cannot guarantee its complete accuracy at all times.

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