Whether it’s pristine waters, inviting tropical bays, great marinas, zip-lining around the famous Pitons, a volcano, mineral baths, and sublime white sandy beaches, you can really say that St. Lucia in the Windward Islands really does have it all.

Direct commercial flights from the USA mainland and Europe are an added but important plus.

Many of our clients like to use St. Lucia as a “jumping off” point for a leisurely charters down-island to St. Vincent and the Grenadine islands finishing up in Grenada. Admittedly you’ll need more than a week’s charter to do justice to this particular route. This is a one-way trip and it goes something like this:

The whole trip is likely to take about one week on a Motor yacht (excluding the three days in St. Lucia and two weeks on a sailing vessel for this one-way trip through the Caribbean Windward Islands. You’ll notice that the itinerary runs from North to South. And this is because of the prevailing winds and currents. Doing it the other way round can prove quite uncomfortable in a smaller vessel.

If you don’t have the time for a two weeker, of course you don’t have to start in St. Lucia, you could start your charter any place where there is a local airport but you’ll have to take the local puddle-jumpers that service the area. Favorite intermediate starting points are St. Vincent, Canouan and Union Island.

Some words of wisdom. Although the island chain is definitely in the tropics and warm all year round, the crossings between the islands are exposed to the Atlantic swells that generally come in from the East. Especially in winter. So in my book, the Grenadines are best in the spring, summer and early fall. After all, it is your vacation, you don’t need the ups and downs of choppy waters, especially if your guests are not experienced sailors.

This article is meant to perk your interest in other good charter options when you get tired of the BVI (if that’s ever possible).

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