All visitors to the British Virgin Islands require a valid passport. All visitors to the islands and charter guests are required to check in to BVI customs and immigration upon arrival. This “check-in” can occur as follows:

There is no entrance tax in the BVI but there is a departure tax of about $25.00 per person. This is a moving target so watch out.


Visitors from most European countries and from most Caribbean nations, the US and Canada do NOT require visas. However visas ARE REQUIRED for the countries on this list.

Cruising Taxes

Charter boats are required to pay a cruising tax of about $50.00 flat fee (depending on the length of the vessel) PLUS $16.00 x person per day for the National Park fee + a Virgin Island Search and Rescue (VISAR) contribution of about $2.00 per person . Some boats include the cruising and National Park fee and the VISAR contribution in their rates and others do not. Always wise to check with your charter broker.


Anyone who wishes to fish in the British Virgin Islands is required to obtain a recreational fishing permit. Failing to comply with this regulation may result in fines. To obtain a fishing license contact the Department of Conservation and Fisheries at 284 494-5681 for more information.

ATM Machines

The currency of the United States Virgin Islands AND the British Virgin Islands is the US dollar which makes things pretty easy for American Visitors. There are ATMS (Automatic Teller Machines) in a number of strategic places throughout the islands and most of them work pretty well.

Credit Cards

Are accepted by most major establishments, stores, dive shops, etc. Most Virgin Island charter vessels however cannot process a credit or debit card, so any extra expenses, tips or provisions you may need will have to be paid in cash or the perennial Travelers Checks. Yes, they still exist.

WiFi Access

Most crewed charter vessels have onboard Wi-Fi access. Even if the yacht or catamaran that you choose does NOT have Wi-FI, most bars, restaurants and stores along the way have hot-spots that are mostly free. Didn’t you come here to get away from it all anyway, and leave your devices at home!? Just kidding.

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