Celebrate your BVI or Caribbean wedding ceremony/reception or honeymoon on a private luxury yacht or a lush Caribbean Island. Make your romantic and unique wedding or honeymoon incredibly special on an island venue or a charter yacht. There is always a package or a special deal available, call us.

Your Honeymoon memories will be forever,   view our unbelievable collection of crewed yachts,  send in your email details, or call 305.758.2500

Your Honeymoon should be more than just a vacation. It should be a relaxing experience for you and your new partner to unwind after the months of hectic planning for your recent wedding. A place where you will be served 5 star menus for every meal of the day; where you will enjoy new sights every day and where you are in control of the pace of the day; imagine walking on white sandy beaches and swimming in crystal clear water every day and in some cases, all alone as you stroll the beach; shopping in local boutiques for unique souvenirs or shopping in St. Thomas for super tax free bargains.

The yachts below are only examples of what we can offer and the best way to find the right yacht for YOUR honeymoon is to call or send us an email and give us your requirements. Our aim is to give you the best honeymoon at the best prices and within your budget.

Can you imagine a more perfect way to start “The rest of your life” together than to be pampered on your own private yacht while cruising the beautiful and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea?

Imagine a new tropical landscape every day with white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, coral reefs and beautiful sunsets that are reflected in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. As the saying goes “If you can dream it, You can do it…

These special honeymoons were traditionally only reserved for the rich and famous, now you would be amazed at how affordable they can be….. We offer weekly or 10 day packages, specially priced for you; contact us for more info.

What’s Included in your Honeymoon Package?

May also include one or more of the following:

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