Technically, the Bahamas is not actually the Caribbean. First of all, it is “sub-tropical” since most of the islands lie above the tropic of Cancer and, second the islands are not volcanic in origin but are coral atolls that are largely flat. Nevertheless, most people speak of these beautiful islands in the same breath as the Caribbean.

They are home to a sizeable fleet of charter yachts ranging from “down and dirty” sport fishing motor yachts, cruising motor yachts, and sailing catamarans. Deep hull vessels are not popular due to the shallow waters.

Most importantly however, the best time of year to visit is in the summer, between May and September. In winter, the islands are subject to the same weather patterns as Florida with cold fronts moving through from time to time. So, in spite of the occasional hurricane, the Bahamas is basically a summer destination.

Consisting of 700 islands, the Bahamas Islands are without a doubt one of the most remarkable destinations to visit. With crystal blue waters and pearly white sand beaches, it holds true as one of the most beautiful yacht charter destinations, located just 50 miles from Florida.

Once arriving at your destination, find yourself being greeted by friendly and warm Bahamians who can help you venture your way around 5,000 square miles of possible land endeavors.

With adventures such as wreck sites off the coast of San Salvador or duty free shopping in Nassau your Bahamas yacht charter sailing vacation will be nothing short of amazing.

Bimini & Gulf Stream

Are you an avid fisherman? Bimini is known as the big-game fishing capital. Fishermen, in present and past, including Ernest Hemingway, come here throughout the year to fish in flats, reefs, and streams. It was in Bimini that Hemingway found his inspiration to write “To Have and Have Not” and his novel “Islands in the Stream.”

If you find yourself more interested in diving/snorkeling, the reefs are intricately laced with conch, lobster, coral and many interesting tropical fish.
Under North Bimini’s shallow waters lies the legend of the Lost City of Atlantis. Now, while this may only be a legend, allow yourself to make your own assessment by snorkeling the waters said to mask this lost city.

Berry Islands

This is a great “get-away-from-it-all” destination. In spite of its relative proximity to the Florida mainland it is noted for its blue waters, great fishing, beautiful secluded beaches, among other treasures, the Berry Islands offers a wonderful yacht vacation getaway. Located just southeast of Bimini, consisting of 30 islands, its land stretches 12 square miles.

This allows for some great swimming, diving, snorkeling and big-game fishing. Eel Garden is popular for snorkelers and divers with its abundance of eels, stingrays and parrot fish swimming over a white sand floor. Great Harbour Cay and Chub Cay are the two largest of the cays that make up the Berry Islands, housing most of the locals.

Abaco Islands

The Abaco Islands are a great starting point when wanting to venture through your Bahamas yacht charter. Its gentle trade winds and warm calm waters allow for great family yachting, snorkeling and diving, as well as leisure swimming. Daily high temperatures range from 75 F (24 C) in January to 95 F (35 C) in August.

The Abaco Islands are home to six national parks including: Pelican Cays Land & Sea Park, Abaco National Park, Black Sound Cay National Reserve, Walker’s Cay National Park, Tilloo Cay National Reserve and Fowl Cays National Reserve.

Home to several Bareboat operating companies, Marsh Harbour in the Sea of Abaco is the preferred starting point for most bareboat (and some crewed) charters in the Bahamas.

The Exuma Cays

Commonly sectioned into three cays you have Upper, Middle and Lower Exuma Cays. To be more specific, there are 360 islands that make up the Exumas. The most well-known and largest cay is Great Cay with George Town, the largest town.

Located 35 miles from Nassau, the Upper Cays are remote with great fishing, diving and snorkeling. Allen Cay, Norman Cay and Staniel Cay are all favorites. The Exumas are said to be the most beautiful cruising grounds of all Bahamas and are a popular spot for yachting, sailing, diving, and coral reef and cave exploring. We recommend that you discover this for yourself.

Many of our guests like to fly into Staniel Cay from Nassau and pick up their yacht there thus avoiding the long (one day) trip from Nassau.

Nassau and Paradise Island

Nassau, the capital and largest city of the Bahamas, is a wonderful place to start your yacht charter. Venture around Paradise Island, home of the Atlantis Resort.

Scuba and snorkel among the beautiful waters offering tropical fish of all kinds. The powdery white sand is ideal for burying your toes in or taking romantic walks on. Discover for yourself the popular locations where movies were filmed and novels take place in. Paradise Island is nothing short of its perfectly assigned name.

Paradise Island is more of a touristy destination with the casino and gambling delights that rival Vegas AND, of course, the legendary Atlantis hotel.

The Out-Islands

From Eleuthera down to Samana Cay, San Salvador, and beyond lie the islands that the Bahamians call the “Out-Islands”. They include Long island, Acklins, Crooked, Mayaguana and Inagua plus a whole bunch of smaller uninhabited islands.

This is the true Bahamas where not much has changed since Columbus’ time. The locals are extremely friendly and remarkably “un-contaminated” by cruise ships, tourists and the modern trappings of our so-called civilization. Freshly caught conch, locally prepared does not resemble any other conch you have ever eaten.

The Bahamas is a perfect destination whether you are interested in chartering a crewed yacht. A bareboat will allow you privacy and ultimate control of everything on board, including the wheel and food. Bareboat charters are mostly limited to the Sea of Abaco. When selecting a crewed yacht charter you allow yourself ultimate luxury while sitting back and allowing the 5 star service to take care of all your needs, being provided a chef and captain.

The Bahamas is a wonderful place to get away to when needing that breath of fresh air. It remains a great family hot spot, offering many activities and adventures to be shared.

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Exploring the Bahamas safely by yacht takes a certain kind of vessel, especially when it comes to its draft and buoyancy. Sailboats, like Hanse Yachts, can be easily handled in a few feet of water. There are many shipwrecks in the Bahamas that are excellent to snorkel or dive.

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