5 Good Reasons to Choose a Single-Hull Classic Sailing Boat for Your Charter Instead of a Catamaran

In spite of the onslaught of crewed sailing catamarans in the BVI charter fleet, there are still some very good reasons for charter enthusiasts to stick with the classic mono-hull sail boats.

  • They are more sea-worthy. Frankly I’d rather be caught in a storm on a single-hull vessel that a multi-hull. Yes, they tilt while sailing – that’s the way they were designed. Sailors have been using single-hull sailing vessels since the beginning of time.
  • They ride the seas better than multi-hulls. Especially if the waves are coming straight at you. If you don’t believe me ask the Volvo-around-the-world crews. Don’t try to circumnavigate the globe on an America’s cup catamaran.
  • They can sail closer to the wind, so you don’t have to tack back and forth until the end of time.
  • They are generally less expensive to purchase (for the owner) so the charter rate is usually lower.
  • For smaller groups, say a family of 4 or a honeymoon couple, the accommodations can be just as comfortable as a catamaran AND at a more reasonable price.

For larger groups, catamarans are unbeatable as charter vessels especially if some guests feel uncomfortable with the “tilt” of a single hull sailboat while under way. In these cases: stick with the Cats.

BoatBVI.com offers a fine selection of both classic mono-hull sailing vessels as well as catamarans and motor yachts. Check our yacht search engine for the right boat with the right crew.

To ensure that your charter yacht vacation is the best it can be, your captain and crew need to know as much about your charter preferences as possible.

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