Why You Should Honeymoon on a Yacht in the British Virgin Islands

If you’re searching for an amazing place to spend your honeymoon, look no further than the British Virgin Islands (BVI). You might not ever find a better place for your romantic holiday than this cluster of islands in the Caribbean. Certainly innumerable visitors have been impressed and delighted with a yacht vacation in the BVI – and this destination is simply perfect for a honeymoon trip.

Before you schedule your trip and go, you may want to explore a few facts about the area itself. The more you know about the islands, the better you’ll be able to get the most from your trip. Each of the islands is unique and has features that make it special – so be sure to schedule enough time to see them all! In addition to discovering an incredibly romantic vacation destination, you should also know why exploring the islands via a yacht can make the entire experience one you’ll remember forever.


The island of Tortola has a magical charm that you will likely find to be unforgettable. This is the largest island of the BVI, and it is also the least populated. This all makes it an ideal place for newlyweds who seek privacy. You’ll find plenty of great hotels on Tortola, so you can spend as many nights as you like there.

Virgin Gorda

This island is one of the most popular of the bunch. Gorda is teeming with fabulous resorts, moorings balls, and all kinds of water sports excursions. While Gorda may not be quite as unpopulated as Tortola, it’s still peaceful enough to enable you to enjoy yourselves without feeling as though you’re lost in a huge crowd.

Jost van Dyke

Jost van Dyke was named after an early Dutch settler of the Islands. Attractions you should not miss on this island include the Soggy Dollar Bar on Beautiful White Beach, the Bubbly Pool (a bubbling spa made by nature), and Foxy’s Restaurant (as well as Foxy’s Taboo, which is a bar). Don’t forget to explore the little beaches that help to make Jost van Dyke a perfect island getaway.


The island of Anegada is utterly unique in its structure. It is actually a level piece of coral rock that is 10 miles by 2 miles. It comprises a number of salt ponds, and the unusual look of the island may surprise you. Remember to stop by the Anegada Reef Hotel for some of their famous grilled spiny lobster.

The Outlying Islands

After you’ve had a chance to visit the main islands of the BVI, you’ll also want to see the outlying islands. Norman Island offers a protected harbor, as well as a floating bar and restaurant. On one side of the island, you’ll find the Indians – which are rocks that you can snorkel around if you like. Peter Island is a great anchoring place. It is also home to the elegant Peter Island Resort, along with several inviting little coves.
The other outlying islands include Cooper Island (great for going snorkeling at Cistern Point); Salt Island (you can scuba dive to view a famous ship wreck); Scrub Island (be sure to visit the luxury spa); Marina Cay (a good place to dock for fuel and get a bite to eat); and Necker Island (this belongs to Sir Richard Branson, but you may rent it).

Honeymoon on a Yacht

Why should you spend your honeymoon on a yacht? One of the main reasons to vacation aboard such a vessel is that it’s the ultimate way to have a fun, romantic trip with your sweetheart. You can choose a boat that comes with a full crew, so all you need to do is enjoy yourselves. You may indulge in world class meals prepared by an impeccably trained chef.

If you’d rather serve as the crew aboard your chartered yacht, you can do that, too. You won’t lack for possibilities, and you’ll never be bored when you opt for a honeymoon trip sailing around the spectacular British Virgin Islands.

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