Galapagos and a Beginner’s Guide to Latin American Yachting Destinations

By PAUL SCHNEIDER of the New York Times

Long known as an exotic and different destination for land-based holidays and vacations, Latin America has some very interesting and different locations for the yachtsman. Whether it be Angra dos Reis, in Brazil, The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, the Southern Archipielago of Chonos in Chile, The rio Tigre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we have the place for you..!!

Tired of the Caribbean, the Med, New England? Hey, we’ve got good news. If you are looking for a completely different experience give our Latin American destinations a long hard look.

Below, please find a list of current destinations and some basic information about each location so we can start you off on the right foot to plan for this experience.

The Galapagos Islands.

Located 400 miles West of the Republic of Ecuador, are famous for their unique wildlife and plant population. Species are found here that do not exist anywhere else on earth. All have adapted to the local eco-system and special guided tours are available. Fully crewed motor and sailing yachts can be chartered or you and your family and friends can book cabins on some of the larger ships that are authorized to navigate these waters, trips ashore are allowed with authorized government guides. Please view the m/v “Integrity” for 16 guests – one of our more elegant and sophisticated yachts by clicking on this link. Call us at 305-758-2500 or email us for details.

The South of Chile

Fully crewed sail and motor yachts are available to cruise the fjords of the South of Chile. Starting in Chiloe or Puerto Montt, these cruises are the ultimate get-away. Call us at 305-758-2500 or email us for details.

Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Amazing group of islands South of Rio de Janeiro, both bareboats and crewed yachts are available. Call us at 305-758-2500 or email us for details.

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