The Enduring Popularity of the BVI

The British Virgin Islands has always been and continues to be recognized world leader of GREAT PLACES TO GO SAILING. Since it became a major charter sailing destination in the early 70’s, you’d think that other cool new locations would have taken its place by now. Not so.

The answer lies in its privileged geography and friendly people. Let me lay it out for you:

  • Its relative proximity to the United States. St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands (STT) is the most popular airport and has a regular ferry service to Tortola and the other British Islands.
  • Its protected waters provide a generally smooth and safe experience. The Anegada reef that runs about 18 miles from Anegada to Virgin Gorda on the North East side of the BVI effectively protects the whole island group from the Atlantic swells.
  • Clear warm Caribbean waters and whole bunch of beautiful little sun-drenched islands to visit all in a 50 square mile radius. This not “blue water sailing” – you’re always in sight of land.
  • You can pretty much have a great vacation, regardless of the weather. This is the great thing about the BVI, your sailing vacation is almost guaranteed.
  • US dollar is the recognized currency, in spite of it being a British Territory. There are US dollar ATM’s everywhere.
  • There is an incredible selection of charter vessels to choose from including motor yachts, sailing catamarans and single-hull vessels
  • It’s a year round destination, warmer of course in summer – but nice all year round.
  • Incredibly friendly locals who make you feel at home.
  • Local sailing and boating resources available, including great provisioning places
  • Excellent SCUBA diving locations throughout, including several wrecks. Good local SCUBA resources too.
  • Quaint little hotels and also some luxurious resorts to spend some ashore-time before or after your charter.
  • Internet access is available on board most charter yachts in the BVI. If your vessel is not equipped, most restaurants and watering holes along the way have their own WiFi hotspots.
  • Very low crime rate.

If you add all these things together, it’s really hard to beat the Virgin Islands for a great sailing vacation.

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