The Bight at Norman Island is always a favorite stopover with a lot of mooring balls and a very protected harbor. There is a relatively new watering hole there too, Pirates Bight, that has been very nicely restored after an unfortunate fire last year. Serving good food. The gift shop is now also up and running again.

Great Snorkeling and diving around the Caves and the INDIANS a group of rocks on the western side of the island. There is a great reef for snorkeling at the Indians with several mooring balls available for temporary use.

Home of the famous and very upscale Peter Island Resort. But that is not all there is to Peter Island. Great Harbour, on the north side and across from the Sir Francis Drake Channel, is a favorite anchorage and the south side of the island also has a great anchorage and several nice little coves and beaches.

Peter Island is also the home of the infamous WILLY T’s floating bar and restaurant a very lively place. Even if you are NOT into sipping Jagermeister out of your partner’s belly-button, it has good loud music and a flurry of activity including wet t-shirt contests with or without the t-shirt.

Nice protected anchorage with moorings balls opposite the Cooper Island Beach Club. Great staging area for your last day on charter (or your first). Good snorkeling and diving at Cistern Point close to the anchorage, there is a dinghy tie up line there so no worries.

Famous for being the supplier of salt to Buckingham Palace. Not sure if they still do that but it’s also famous for the wreck of the HMS Rhone that sank in a hurricane. The “wreck of the Rhone” is a world famous scuba diving destination.

There is a relatively new resort built on this small island. Experience the newest private island luxury resort built in the British Virgin Islands in over 15 years. An Autograph Collection Hotel, Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina is a delightful discovery, an experience that won’t be forgotten any time soon and an adventure in luxury living at a resort like no other. On Scrub Island, the charms of the Caribbean lifestyle meet the pleasures of the modern world. You will be awed by the natural beauty of what is, and what can be.

A great little Cay, situated just north of Trellis Bay and the Beef Island airport. Makes for a nice little stopover since there is a good restaurant with unimaginable bushwhackers and painkillers. Some of the best we had..!! A small beach, a fuel dock and, of course, a Pussers West Indies store and a dive-shop. Recently it gets a lot of passing traffic from the small ferries that shuttle guests over from Trellis Bay to the Scrub Island resort; but that is a relatively minor inconvenience. One of the James Bond movies was filmed there. Forget which one.

Sir Richard Branson’s private island. Surrounded by the Caribbean sea of the British Virgin Islands, Necker Island exudes the lifestyle of the rich and famous. You can “rent” the whole island for yourself and your guests, staying in the cliff-side villas with your own pool and never-ending views to the sea. Virgin Atlantic owner, Sir Richard, purchased this previously uninhabited island between Tortola and Anegada in the ’70s. He has slowly developed several residences in addition to the main house, an airy Balinese Villa. A favorite with royalty, rock stars, and movie stars, Necker Island is the ultimate private getaway in the Caribbean.

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