The Enduring Popularity of the BVI

British Virgin Islands DestinationsThe British Virgin Islands has always been and continues to be recognized world leader of GREAT PLACES TO GO SAILING. Since it became a major charter sailing destination in the early 70’s, you’d think that other cool new locations would have taken its place by now. Not so.
The answer lies in its privileged geography and friendly people. Let me lay it out for you:
Its relative proximity to the United States. St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands (STT) is the most popular airport and has a regular ferry service to Tortola and the other British Islands.
Its protected waters provide a generally smooth and safe experience. The Anegada reef that runs about 18 miles from Anegada to Virgin Gorda on the North East side of the BVI effectively protects the whole island group from the Atlantic swells.

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Bahamas Yacht Charters

BVI Yacht Vacations
Technically, the Bahamas is not actually the Caribbean. First of all, it is “sub-tropical” since most of the islands lie above the tropic of Cancer and, second the islands are not volcanic in origin but are coral atolls that are largely flat. Nevertheless, most people speak of these beautiful islands in the same breath as the Caribbean. They are home to a sizeable fleet of charter yachts ranging from “down and dirty” sport fishing motor yachts, cruising motor yachts, and sailing catamarans. Deep hull vessels are not popular due to the shallow waters.
Most importantly however, the best time of year to visit is in the summer, between May and September.

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Leeward Islands

BVI Sailing Destinations
Tired of the BVI? Here are Some Other Great Easy-To-Get-To Caribbean Destinations

Personally I am a great fan of the BVI and have lived in and visited the Islands countless times. I never tire of the peaceful waters and interesting places to visit.
However, if you’ve cruised the Virgin Islands several times and you feel it’s time to move on – well, we have some great options for you to look at. The first of these that we’ll look at will be the Leeward group of islands, a group that includes:

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St. Barts Guide

Destination British Virgin Islands
A Little French Flair on a Caribbean Island?

The heady aromas of sugar, spice and everything nice are beautifully melded in a profusion of French flavor and local rhythms. The vibrant street cafes and effortless European glamour are the hallmarks of this glorious little island – still one of the most unique jewels of the Caribbean. A unique destination that amply justifies its reputation as a preferred celebrity vacation hang-out.

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St Lucia

BVI Bareboat Destinations
Caribbean Charter Vacation? Saint Lucia has it all

Whether it’s pristine waters, inviting tropical bays, great marinas, zip-lining around the famous Pitons, a volcano, mineral baths, and sublime white sandy beaches, you can really say that St. Lucia in the Windward Islands really does have it all.
Direct commercial flights from the USA mainland and Europe are an added but important plus.
Many of our clients like to use St. Lucia as a “jumping off” point for a leisurely charters down-island to St. Vincent and the Grenadine islands finishing up in Grenada.

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St. Vincent, Grenada and the Grenadines Islands

BVI Charter Sailing Destination
The Grenadines….this uniquely beautiful archipelago of islands in the Caribbean is the place to be to enjoy stress-free sailing for short distances in gentle trade winds. It’s equally nice to capture a spot on one of our tiny pieces of paradise and sit back and just watch the yachts as they meander from island to island. Some decide to do both and either split their time between land accommodation and yacht or indulge themselves with both – using their private yacht as a limo enjoying on a whim each island’s special charm and possibilities

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An English-speaking country implanted in the heart of Central America? A 350 mile barrier reef, second only to Australia’s, and not yet fully explored? Yes, these are only two of the reasons why charterers are literally flocking to this friendly little country that is bordered by Mexico and Guatemala.
First a short history. Belize was originally part of the Mayan empire and with the arrival of the Spaniards, became part of the Spanish Empire and subsequently, in 1862, part of the British Empire with the name of British Honduras.

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Will Cuba become the next great yachting destination in the Caribbean?

Since we are well on the way to becoming “best-buddies” all over again with this beautiful island nation, and after 50 years of government imposed isolation, it may be worth taking a long look at the pros and cons of a yachting vacation to and around this relatively unspoiled vacation island.
For starters, Cuba is undeniably one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. It offers crystal clear waters, unbelievable beaches, calm waters and nice friendly locals. Some words of wisdom: as of the writing of this page, the US trade embargo is still in force so certain formalities at both ends must be adhered to for US citizens visiting the island. We can help with these, so feel free to call 305-758-2500 or email us.

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Florida Keys


As a yachting destination, the Florida Keys has a bad rap in the industry. Some say justifiably so. The crass commercialism along Overseas Hwy, the excesses of Key West, the high prices of pretty much everything, and the uninteresting food, have all taken a toll on its reputation.
Having said that, the Florida Keys are very different from the water than from the land – it’s quite different to explore them from a sailing catamaran or a motor yacht instead of the narrow and unpredictable US 1 route by car.

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