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Crewed Catamaran Charters

BVI Catamaran Yacht Charters
Over the last 10 years or so, both sailing and power catamarans have pretty much displaced single-hull vessels in the BVI and Caribbean charter industry. This has happened for well-founded reasons:
Generally speaking, catamarans are more spacious and can accmmodate more guests in comfort than traditional sailboats. In most designs, the two pontoons house the cabins and bathrooms (heads)The salon, dining and kitchen areas are located in the slightly raised mid-section between the pontoons. There are many variations on this theme, such as extra cabins in the mid-section, galley up or galley down and other interesting design twists depending on the manufacturer and designer. There is always an outside rear deck area that can be used for dining as well as just hanging out. The netted forward bow area is ideal for sunbathing and on the larger cats, there is usually a nice upper deck where the captain runs the boat from and can also be used by guests for sunbathing.

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Charter the BVI and the Caribbean on a Motor Yacht

BVI Caribbean YachtsThere is nothing so ultimately decadent and luxurious as a week or ten days charter on a motor yacht. It doesn’t really matter where you choose to cruise; the highly trained professional captains and crews of most luxury motor yachts know how to make your charter an unforgettable experience. Loads of water toys, professional chefs trained in the best culinary schools of Europe and the US, beautiful interiors, spas, comfortable staterooms with real beds, movies, Wi-Fi, you name it. Most offer SCUBA diving and probably have an instructor on board.Here’s how the motor yachts operate in practice: in winter, they charter from their “winter base” in the Caribbean and in summer they migrate to the Mediterranean OR they run up to New England or the Bahamas.

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Crewed Single Hull Sail Boats

BVI Sailing Yacht Charters5 Good Reasons to Choose a Single-Hull Classic Sailing Boat for Your Charter Instead of a Catamaran
In spite of the onslaught of crewed sailing catamarans in the BVI charter fleet, there are still some very good reasons for charter enthusiasts to stick with the classic mono-hull sail boats.

  • They are more sea-worthy. Frankly I’d rather be caught in a storm on a single-hull vessel that a multi-hull. Yes, they tilt while sailing – that’s the way they were designed. Sailors have been using single-hull sailing vessels since the beginning of time.
  • They ride the seas better than multi-hulls. Especially if the waves are coming straight at you. If you don’t believe me ask the Volvo-around-the-world crews. Don’t try to circumnavigate the globe on an America’s cup catamaran.

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Bareboats of the Caribbean

BVI Yacht Bareboat ChartersBoat BVI offers you the best selection of Bareboats for Charter or Hire in the Caribbean from the most well established and trusted Charter Companies.
Choose from Sailboats and Sail Catamarans, Powerboats and Power Catamarans, Bareboat or with a Captain. In the British or American Virgin Islands or other Caribbean destinations, Florida or the Bahamas. We have it all here in one place so you don’t have to search anymore. Take some time to review the Yacht Descriptions and Pricing from the Charter Companies below. Then give us a call so that we can help you plan and book your greatest vacation ever. And remember, as independent Charter Agents, we work for you.

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