Ground Level Update on the BVI Post Hurricane Restoration and Rebuilding

The latest insider’s view of the BVI reconstruction efforts

The famous BVI bars and assorted watering holes are in the process of reconstruction already. We are seeing a lot of activity on Jost van Dyke’s famous White Bay. Foxy’s is already serving meals with a limited menu, The Soggy Dollar Bar is being reconstructed and there are already several shacks on the beach serving drinks.

In the background of this image you’ll see how brown the vegetation became after the Hurricane. This is the immediate result of a 185 MPH wind hitting tropical plants and either blowing their leaves off or stressing them. You will be pleased to know that the islands are slowly TURNING GREEN again and will probably be restored to full lush tropical growth come winter.

Cane Garden Bay 30 days after Irma……
You can see the greenery coming back…!!
A view of White Bay, Jost van Dyke, taken last week. Beaches and water. Impeccable as usual..!!

Cane Garden Bay was greatly affected. Myetts and Quitos at Cane Garden Bay suffered enormous damage but drinks are now being served at a makeshift bar on the beach and a menu with limited items is available. Both hotels lost their roofs during the storms but reconstruction is definitely in the plans and materials are being shipped as we write.

The BVI resort and hotel update is as follows. On Virgin Gorda, The Bitter End Yacht Club, Saba Rock and Biras Creek were all devastated and no dates have been given for reestablishment of services or even for reconstruction to begin.

Peter Island and Scrub Island resorts are closed and no dates given for reopening. Hotels at Nanny Cay, Village Cay and Maria’s two hotels are operational.

Grocery stores are open for business with shelves well stocked.

The bareboat fleet has been decimated. The larger operating companies like the Moorings and Dream Yacht will be able to move boats to the BVI from other locations. Other smaller companies will not be as lucky and we know that Voyage Charters, for example, has closed operations in the BVI for at least a year until they can re-group.

The fully-crewed charter fleet has also been affected and it is estimated that approximately 50% of the fleet has been either damaged or destroyed. Repairs on many of the damaged boats has already begun in anticipation of the November charter show. We estimate that 60% to 70% of the crewed charter fleet will be operational this winter.

Sir Richard Branson, in close coordination with he BVI government has been spearheading the Reconstruction effort.
According to Branson’s blog, Virgin Unite, Unite BVI and Virgin Limited Edition have launched the ‘BVI Community Support Appeal’ to raise money for the long-term reconstruction of the BVI; to fund, support and work with local partners on the ground.

We want to help build a better, cleaner, stronger and more sustainable Caribbean region, including a thriving tourism industry.

Unite BVI we will be working with the BVI Government and the local community across the whole of the BVI, listening to their needs, to come up with a plan to support this long-term reconstruction.

The major crisis that must be addressed are the immediate needs of the people of the Virgin Islands. So many have lost their jobs at the Resorts and Hotels that their ability to make ends meet has been severely jeopardized. Many GoFundMe accounts have been set up on Facebook to benefit these casualties.

Please donate if possible. As a British Territory, we are sure that the UK government will step in with an aid package of their own to help create jobs.

We will continue to keep you posted on new developments. Learn more about the BVI.

100% of all donations to the Branson fund will go to the rebuilding of the British Virgin Islands, all administrative expenses will be covered by the Branson Organization.

Donate here at Virgin Unite
Funds will be applied to the projects detailed at
Unite BVI

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